Alumni Association & International Collaboration Cell

To be a partner in development of the region, state, nation and the world by creating, nurturing and disseminating knowledge. 

To develop and nurture strong bonds between alumni, students, professors and other stakeholders - locally and globally, and engage them with the University through programs and services to contribute in shaping its future.

The cell shall work to forge strong international collaborations in cooperation with all educational programs of the University. It will facilitate initiatives to develop and nurture agreements and partnerships with foreign universities and international organizations. Curriculum refinements, modifications and developments will be made in tune with global opportunities and requirements.
Collaborations may assume a variety of forms: at the level of individuals (Professors); at departmental or Centre level; and strategic alliances with universities and other global institutions.

Internationalization Strategy
Internationalization is a key strategy for Kumaun University to develop and remain as one of India’s leading universities. Integrating international perspectives, experiences and collaborations throughout the university would improve the quality and diversity of research, education and administration. 


Strategic Goals

  • Kumaun University will attract the most outstanding employees, students and collaborative partners from all over the world.

  • The University’s international collaborations will increase the quality of its operations.

  • Work involving international collaborations at Kumaun University will focus on international knowledge exchange.

  • To promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and improve engagement between the Alumni and Kumaun University

  • To integrate Alumni ideas, opinions and achievements with the university curriculum and other programs.

Prioritized Areas

  • Integrate an international perspective throughout the university

  • Develop strategic alliances

  • Strengthen the Kumaun University brand internationally

  • Stimulate Alumni chapters and engage them in University’s Programs.

Objectives of the Alumni Association

  • To promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and improve engagement between the Alumni and Kumaun University.

  • To encourage, promote and facilitate education and research and other activities of the university.

  • To integrate Alumni ideas, opinions and achievements with the university curriculum and other programs.

The courses and programs at Kumaun University set different requirements for international student exchanges. These requirements may vary within an individual program, depending on which course they relate to. For this reason, there is a need to enter into agreements with universities in different parts of the world which provide relevant educational program of a very high quality.

International collaborations may require collaborations regulated by agreement with well-established universities in high-income countries as well as strategically important universities in low and mid-income countries. This would make it possible for our own doctoral students to participate in international exchanges, and for Kumaun University to attract international students. The University is committed to building partnerships with other universities relating to both research and education. This can be done through a number of general collaboration agreements. There is need to establish more programs to obtain joint or double degrees. The Alumni will be involved in the process to facilitate collaborations.

Action Plan 
In order to attain this general objective there are three priority goals:

  • Integration of global issues into teaching

  • Increasing student and teacher mobility

  • Recruiting international students to Kumaun University’s courses taught in English

  • Activate Alumni Chapters 

  • Involve Alumni in formulation and implementation of University Policies & Programs.


Prof. Amit Joshi
Alumni Association & International Collaboration Cell 

Head, Department of Management Studies

Director, Institute of Professional Studies & Development Research

Respected Members -

1. Prof. Lalit Tiwari   
Department of Botany 
D.S.B.Campus, Nainital

2. Dr. Reetesh Sah
Assistant Director
Kumaun University

3. Dr. Vijay Kumar    

Department of Commerce
D.S.B.Campus, Nainital

4. Dr. Asheesh Bisht
Department of Management Studies
JC Bose Campus Bhimtal